Adult salt therapy room

Adult Salt Therapy

Experience the ultimate in mind and body cleansing while relaxing in one of our six zero-gravity lounge chairs. Escape the everyday technology lure in our adult salt therapy room. Micro particles of salt are dispersed throughout the room,  while listening to tranquil music, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating  environment. Following the 40-minute session, you’ll breathe easier and leave feeling relaxed.

Kids salt therapy room

Children's Salt Therapy

Our children’s salt therapy room offers children a colorful, fun, entertaining environment where your children can play until their heart is content during each 30 minute session. Our goal is for your children to look forward to coming to The Salt Pad with the focus on having fun rather than on receiving salt therapy. Therefore, we offer books, toys, Legos, building blocks and more keep them happily entertained during the salt therapy session. In addition to the playful environment, the floor of the children’s salt therapy room is covered in the finest pink Himalayan salt providing an additional source of entertainment, as many children will feel like they’re playing in the sand at the beach. Whether your children are coming to The Salt Pad because of recurring ear infections, colds, asthma, eczema or a variety of other conditions that salt therapy can relieve, we hope they will always be excited when coming to The Salt Pad.

Acupuncture room


Acupuncture is one of the oldest, common and dependable medical therapies used around the world.  It is, by it's very nature, a simple, safe and effective form of health care.  At The Salt Pad, we use only thin, sterile disposable needles inserted superficially into specific areas of the body in order to help the body's ability to heal itself.  Over the 40 years or so in which Acupuncture has developed and progressed in the U.S., it has been proven to be exceptionally safe when performed by licensed acupuncturists, and clinically effective in randomized controlled research studies.

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