Our Story: How it all began

This is my inspiration, my son. He suffers from seasonal allergies. Waking up during allergy season listening to your child sneeze, cough, and congested can get any parent upset and frustrated.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional career helping others. I decided that it was time to figure out a way to help my son. About 3 years ago his allergies started to worsen. I treated him with acupuncture and herbs with varying degrees of success, but nothing that would give him the relief my wife and I had hoped for. At that time I was running a successful acupuncture community clinic in Florida while teaching at The University of Miami. I had several patients who were getting salt therapy for their allergies and they believed that, coupled with acupuncture, they were getting amazing results. This piqued my curiosity.

I decided to investigate salt therapy, aka Halotherapy. Surprisingly, I found quite a bit of information on the benefits through a few internet searches. The center I visited was very clean and relaxing. They had a kids salt room and separate adult room. I signed up for a 45 minute session in the adult room. When I walked in there were 6 comfy recliner chairs and soft lighting with relaxing music playing. After a brief intro about salt therapy from the employee the session began. A halogenerator gently crushed pure salt into a microscopic dry aerosol and blew it into the room. I quickly dozed off. 45 minutes flew by! When it was over I left feeling refreshed and I did notice that my sinuses felt clearer.

The next day I brought my son with me. His session was approximately 30 minutes as the kids room was smaller and more concentrated with dry salt air. We didn’t notice much improvement in his symptoms, but was told by staff that salt therapy is a natural treatment that has a cumulative effect and could take several sessions to notice change. Practicing a form of natural therapy myself, I knew this to be true. We decided to take advantage of their monthly pricing and signed him up. And were we happy that we did! We brought him in twice a week and within the first 4 sessions his sneezing was gone. A week after that his congestion was 90% improved and the puffiness in his face was gone. We continued on this schedule for 3 months, getting us through allergy season. During that time his mood and energy improved. These are the same results that the majority of my older patients who went were reporting to me as well.

My wife and I were so happy with his improvement. Most importantly, our son was able to breathe better and have fun playing outside again. Once allergy season ended we thought it best to keep him on a maintenance of going once every week to every other week. We were glad we did! We noticed that he was not coming down with the typical colds and germs that many of his classmates were suffering with throughout the school year. That prompted us to start doing salt therapy as a family.

When we moved our family from Florida a year and a half ago to Charlotte, we noticed there were no salt therapy centers at the time. We were told by many people that Charlotte is one of the top cities in the US for allergies. Frustrated, I decided to open one myself and give clients the option to combine sessions with acupuncture. We’ve now been open just shy of a year and have been able to provide over 2000 salt sessions to locals and others looking to try something new. Most importantly we are able to help those suffering from allergies, asthma, migraines, COPD, sinusitis, sinus infections, cystic fibrosis, head colds, coughs, eczema and psoriasis. It’s been an exciting time for us and we look forward to continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of those that need help and support our community! Thank you Charlotte!

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