Do you have an HSA? You can use it for Acupuncture and may be able to use it for Salt Therapy!

A Health Savings Account is a way you can save money on your Acupuncture and Salt Therapy Sessions!  HSA’s are not subject to federal income tax.  Below are the guidelines from the HSA Authority that will help you find out if you are eligible:

  • Must be currently enrolled in an HSA-qualified health plan
  • May not be enrolled in any other non-HSA qualified health insurance plan*
  • May not have, or be eligible to use, a general purpose flexible spending account (FSA)**
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return
  • May not be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare
  • Must not have used VA benefits for anything other than preventative services in the past three months unless receiving benefits for a service related injury or illness.
Acupuncture is a  covered  HSA expense.  PIease confirm with your provider that Salt Therapy can be a qualified HSA expense.  In most cases it is covered.  Give The Salt Pad a call to learn more! 980-498-2895.
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