Get Acupuncture during Salt therapy!

Acupuncture has survived for over 2000 years and for good reason:  Acupuncture is a very safe and effective way of treating the body naturally for all types of ailments and boosting your immune system.

It’s no coincidence more and more people are seeking out acupuncture and salt therapy to assist in their overall well-being.  Many Americans are tired of the constant pill popping society that we have become.  On average, Americans take 3-5 more prescription medications than any other industrialized nation, and yet we have become a country with soaring rates of diabetes and other chronic diseases.   

Acupuncture, a less conventional approach, is moving quickly into the mainstream.  I spent 8 years working for the University of Miami’s Integrative Medicine Department teaching and lecturing to MD’s as well as treating thousands of patients in the hospital and at Sylvester Cancer Center.  I have personally seen the positive effects acupuncture has and the positive role it plays in peoples health and well-being.  

Major Universities   such as Duke, Yale, UCLA, and Harvard have acupuncture clinics and research centers.  Hospitals continue  to staff acupuncturists for pre and post surgical procedures.  IVF clinics have acupuncturists on staff or on referral list.  Drug courts mandate the use of acupuncture to reduce first time offender’s sentences.  The US military has full time acupuncturists on staff at hospitals and bases- they even have ‘battlefield acupuncture’, a term used for acupuncture trained personnel who treat soldiers wounded on the battlefield immediately to help reduce their response to stress,shock, and help prevent PTSD.  

It’s pretty safe to say that acupuncture is here to stay.  So what do people use acupuncture for at The Salt Pad in conjunction with their Salt therapy session?  Here is some of our top reasons:

  1.  Headaches and migraines, also used for prevention.
  2.  Relaxation: Stress and anxiety relief.
  3.  Improve sleep, mood and energy.
  4.  Muscular pain.
  5.  Inflammation of sinuses/open up nasal passages.
  6.  Reduce inflammatory response to asthma and allergies.
  7.  Immune system support.

The acupuncture add-on in the Salt treatment room lasts as long as the salt session: 40-45 minutes.  Cost is an additional $10, $15 or $20 (This is a sliding scale rate, you choose what you are comfortable paying).  We make it affordable so you can maximize your health benefits!  ***The purchase of any Salt therapy membership(3 month commitment) entitles you to free acupuncture add-on for your first month of membership.  

Call us today at 980-498-2895 to make an appointment and/or learn more.

In Good Health, 

Garrett Krause, L.Ac.  Owner, The Salt Pad “Where  you can breathe the difference!”

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