For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our most FAQs. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Salt Therapy FAQs

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy, also called halotherapy, is a therapeutic and 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive treatment. Salt therapy is a method of inhaling pure, dry, micronized salt air particles. These particles are inhaled into the sinuses and the lungs, absorbing bacteria and pollutants and providing an anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. This process supports and strengthens the body’s immune system by eliminating toxins and allergens that are trapped within the mucus lining of the respiratory system. Salt therapy also has amazing benefits for skin.

How does salt therapy work?

Dry pharmaceutical (salt impurities removed) grade salt is heated and ground into very tiny micro-particles in a machine called a halogenerator. These dry micro-particles of salt are then blown into the therapy room. During the session, the particles penetrate deep into the lungs and sinuses. Salt is antimicrobial and antibacterial which helps to naturally destroy backteria and pollutants by entering the lunds and respiratory system by eliminating mucous and opening constricted airways.

How do I receive the treatment?

Our tranquility rooms are electronics free relaxation zones. Inside the Adult Tranquility Room you will relax in one comfortable leather recliner chairs. While our halogenerators pump in the dry salt air, please take the time to unwind, breath deep, meditate, or take a nap. while breathing in the salt air. The room has a salt feature and spa inspired music. You are welcome to meditate, focus on your breath, or even nap. The Himalayan Salt in the room releases negative ions that further reduces stress and improves your sense of well-being.

How many people are in the treatment room?

The Adult Tranquility room has five chairs and the Children's Tranquility room has room for five children. Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult.

What should I wear to salt therapy?

Comfortable clothes should be worn to salt therapy, as you will be in a relaxing environment. Please bring or wear clean socks as shoes.

Is it cold inside the Salt Therapy Rooms?

No. The temperature ranges between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend you bring a light sweater or long sleeve shirt just in case.

Is there a charge if I miss my appointment time?

No, but please be courteous and inform The Salt Pad of your cancellation as soon as possible.

What is Salt therapy good for besides allergies, asthma, and sinuses?

Salt therapy can increase lung capacity for greater athletic performance. I strengthens the immune system, helps you recover faster from jet lag, work-outs and stress, slows down the signs of aging, and helps improve sleep patterns.

What kind of salt is used?

Our halogenerators use 100% pharmaceutical grade salt, and our walls and decorations are the finest quality Himalayan Salt available. Pharmaceutical grade salt is used because all impurities are removed making it the safest dry salt to inhale.

Do you need to stop taking medications if receiving salt therapy?

No, you can continue your medications as needed and as directed by your doctor. Since salt therapy is all-natural, it does not have any interactive effects with medications. Those who undergo salt therapy will find that they are less dependent on certain medication and their symptoms are less frequent and severe.

What about the concern that salt is bad for you?

With salt therapy, you are inhaling a dry salt aerosol, which only enters your respiratory system, not your digestive tract. The salt particles are so fine that even if you were to eat that amount, it would not pose a risk to your health. More importantly, salt is a vital mineral and eating the right type of salt can do your body good. Please follow this link to learn more: http://www.drbrownstein.com/Salt-Your-Way-to-Health-p/salt.htm

Is there a risk of catching an infection from others in the salt therapy rooms?

Salt is naturally anti-bacterial and it kills almost all bacteria on contact. In addition, our filtered ventilation system is constantly working to circulate the air in the salt room, drawing used air out and clean, filtered air in.

Is there a place to store my valuables?

Yes, There are lockers located outside of the salt tranquility rooms.

Acupuncture FAQs

Are there different kinds of acupuncture?

Yes, there are. Acupuncture originated in China but has spread to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Europe, the British Isles, and America. In different countries and in various clinics throughout the United States many different styles are used based on differing interpretations of the classic Chinese medical theory. Some experienced practitioners have also developed their own unique forms of practice. No matter what style is used, the mission is the same: providing better health via a minimally-invasive, safe, and virtually pain-free method. Patients are encouraged to talk to their acupuncturists about the process of the treatment and learn as much as possible.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Many patients report that they do not feel the needle insertion or some may feel a sensation similar to a mosquito bite. Occasionally, you may experience a dull sensation at or around the needle while the needle is retained. This is your “Qi” or Vital Energy and is an indication of enhanced energy/blood flow.

Acupuncture needles are solid, hair-thin and do not cause pain. Depending on the practitioner’s preference, either a non-insertive needle technique or extremely superficial needle insertions can be used during a treatment. Most people find acupuncture very relaxing. In fact, you may even fall asleep during your treatment!

How many needles do you use? And where do you put them?

The beauty and complexity of acupuncture is that there is more than one way to approach a treatment. At The Salt Pad treatments will range from as few as 2 needles to as many as 12+. Typical treatments use about 8-10 needles.

Needles are typically placed in areas from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head and scalp. There are times that needles will be placed in other locations, including the abdomen, back or neck area. Patient discretion is never compromised and treatments can be modified to meet your needs. The beauty of acupuncture is that it can be flexible; there are many points and approaches to choose from.

Is it safe? Do you use sterilized needles?

Yes, all of our needles are sterile, used only once, and properly disposed – we never reuse needles. The Salt Pad uses FDA-approved, single-use needles that have been sterilized by the manufacturer prior to packaging. After your treatment, the needles are disposed of in a “Sharps” medical waste disposal container. All of our acupuncturists are nationally certified in Clean Needle Technique by the CCAOM (Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Who receives acupuncture?

Acupuncture has touched the lives of many people, from friends and neighbors, to the rich and famous, Pro athletes, Olympic athletes, and weekend warriors. Every age group and every walk of life – thanks to the broad support by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz. During the Olympic Games in China there were stories on how the Olympians receive acupuncture and herbal medicine on a regular basis.

How many treatments do I need?

To achieve the greatest benefits it is important to follow a consistent treatment plan that your acupuncturist will develop specifically for you and with you. The treatment plan will be outlined at your first visit and refined as your acupuncturist observes your response to care. The treatment plan will encompass your presenting symptoms along with both your short term and long term goals.

Rest assured, the positive effects of acupuncture typically begin right away at your first visit. However, it is a process and consistent treatments allow for your healing to progress more quickly. Generally speaking the treatments are designed such that you are treated more frequently at the beginning and then once your health goals are achieved, you are encouraged to participate in a maintenance program. The maintenance program is unique to each patient and discussed with your Acupuncturists.

How soon your symptoms will improve depends on a number of factors including how long you’ve had your condition, life style, medical history, and age. The frequency of treatments also affects your outcome. Based on these factors, your Acupuncturist will determine how many treatments are necessary for your specific case. Some people notice a difference immediately; others will notice changes within 6-12 treatments.

At The Salt Pad, our practitioners will check your progress throughout the course of your treatments and will communicate clearly what you may expect in terms of results and time-frames. We will strive to provide you with an accurate prognosis and refer you to another healthcare practitioner, if we are unable to meet your needs.

What should I do while receiving and after acupuncture?

Relax. Ask your practitioner ANY questions you have along the way. Try to not change your position dramatically or move suddenly when the needles are in. If you begin to feel uncomfortable in one position let your acupuncturists know so they can help you adjust.

We suggest making sure you drink enough water, preferably room temperature, following the treatment. It is also important to be aware of any changes you experience, better or worse, in regard to how you are feeling. This is important as you want to report any changes to your acupuncturist at your next visit.

Are there any side effects of acupuncture?

Acupuncture is safe and effective, and rarely are there any “side-effects”. At most a small bruise could develop. This may occasionally occur and if you have any concerns, please talk to your practitioner.

What to expect from the experience

What do I wear for my first visit?

You will not need to undress for your treatment, simply wear or bring something comfortable to change into (i.e. sweatpants, yoga pants, a comfortable shirt, skirt, shorts etc.)

How do I prepare for my treatment?

Try to arrive on time or a little early to be sure your entire experience is soothing. It is best not to be treated on a totally empty stomach so have a small snack.

What should I expect during a session?

The first visit is typically an hour long; follow-up visits are approximately 40 minutes up to an hour. During the initial visit you will meet with your acupuncturist privately in a consultation room, to review your medical history and the main reason for coming. After your intake, you will proceed into the treatment room, remove your shoes & socks, and get comfortable on a reclining chair or treatment table. The acupuncturist will come in shortly after.

To begin a treatment, your practitioner will decide where to place the needles. This decision will be based on your constitution and your main complaint. Each treatment is highly customized for you and your specific health concern. Most points selected are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head and scalp, although the back and abdomen can also be used.

Each time you receive a treatment the points may or may not vary. We use many approaches to balance treating you’re overall “Constitution” along with your current main complaint. The treatment, based on your specific constitution is called a root treatment. The treatment, which addresses your main concerns, is called a local treatment. Both root treatment and local treatments are done on each visit following the initial consultation.

How long is a session?

Acupuncture treatments typically last from 40 minutes to 1 hour. First time patients should allow an hour and a half for sufficient time to complete their initial consultation. If you have not completed your paperwork in advance we ask that you please arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete the intake form and to foster a relaxing experience.

One of the nicest parts of your experience at The Salt Pad is that we allow you to modify the length of your treatment. Most people relax with their needles for 30-60 minutes, but you may stay as long as you like as long as we have room. We will check in on you periodically, leaving you alone if you are relaxed or sleeping, and checking to see if you are ready to have your needles removed when eye contact is made or if you call upon your practitioner.

Why is my treatment not in a private room?

Your consultation is conducted in a private room and your treatment is done in a group setting. We have specifically designed our clinic to comfortably treat patients in this way for several reasons.

First, it allows us to treat more patients thereby keeping prices affordable.

Second, patients are often more comfortable and feel less isolated in a group setting; many patients come in with friends and family members.

Third, the group energy that is created helps to foster a stronger healing environment.

Group acupuncture originated from the way acupuncture was historically practiced in China. Patients receive acupuncture in groups and receive treatments until their health conditions are fully resolved or greatly improved. At The Salt Pad, the practitioners have studied extensively special acupuncture styles which allow for very effectively treatments without requiring you to undress – most points are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head and scalp.

Why is my treatment in a recliner chair?

We utilize multiple methods to provide you with the best outcomes. We rarely place needles in the area that is affected or hurts. For this reason we can treat a host of conditions while you rest comfortably in a reclining chair. Yes, even back pain can be treated without placing needles in your back. In fact we find patients with back pain are much more comfortable being treated in a recliner vs. massage tables.

How Do I cancel an appointment?

We utilize multiple methods to provide you with the best outcomes. We rarely place needles in the area that is affected or hurts. For this reason we can treat a host of conditions while you rest comfortably in a reclining chair. Yes, even back pain can be treated without placing needles in your back. In fact we find patients with back pain are much more comfortable being treated in a recliner vs. massage tables.

What age groups do you treat?

Everyone can benefit from acupuncture, and at The Salt Pad we offer our services to folks of all ages. Children under a certain age cannot be treated in the group setting, so please call to discuss the individual needs of your child.

What we expect from you as a patient:

Please arrive on time to allow yourself an opportunity to relax, or perhaps arrive early and enjoy a cup of tea or glass of water.

We ask that you avoid wearing colognes or perfumes as many of our patients have sensitivities to odors. When you are in the treatment area we ask that you speak in a quiet voice to ensure that everyone is enjoying their experience.

Remember to dress in loose fitting clothing – or bring along a pair of shorts to ensure that you are comfortable for your treatment.

We also would like your feedback! Let your acupuncturist know how you are feeling and let all of us know what your experience is like at The Salt Pad. Okay, and tell your friends and family too!

We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule that you give us 24 hours notice (see cancellation policy) or if you’re running late to give us a call.

Does insurance pay for my treatments?

Some insurance companies are now covering acupuncture sessions. It is important to check with your policy on your specific coverage. Because we offer a sliding scale, we are unable to bill insurance. If you have insurance that covers acupuncture, we will be happy to give you a payment receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept all major forms of credit cards, cash, or check. Payment is expected at the time of the visit.