Flu Prevention, follow these steps: Naturally!

What are you doing to prevent the Flu? The best way to prevent the Flu is to have a strong, healthy immune system. Here are several ways to boost your immune system: 1. SALT THERAPY!!! Dry Salt Therapy naturally detoxifies the lungs, thins mucous in the sinuses and lung tissue. Salt is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial Read More

Do you have an HSA? You can use it for Acupuncture and may be able to use it for Salt Therapy!

A Health Savings Account is a way you can save money on your Acupuncture and Salt Therapy Sessions!  HSA’s are not subject to federal income tax.  Below are the guidelines from the HSA Authority that will help you find out if you are eligible: Must be currently enrolled in an HSA-qualified health plan May not Read More