About Us


My husband and I have spent the majority of our professional careers helping others.  I, as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner for a busy hospital in South Florida, caring for the young and old, while raising our two young children.

Garrett spent 8 years with the University of Miami as a senior Acupuncturist while teaching acupuncture to Medical Doctors and Chiropractors.  He also ran a successful Community Acupuncture clinic, the first of its kind in Boca Raton, FL.

It was time for a change, personally and professionally, for the benefit of our family.  We decided to move to North Carolina, drawn by the beauty, charm, and southern hospitality that Charlotte offers.  And what a wonderful move it has been!  We are happy to say that we will continue to help people of all ages by offering salt halotherapy, a 100% all natural treatment that relieves various respiratory and skin ailments, while also offering acupuncture.  

Our son suffers off and on with seasonal allergies.   Having been raised by the beach I have always known and experienced the healing benefits of salt air and water, so I would take him whenever he had a flare-up.  It helped. But between work and balancing life, getting to the beach was becoming a logistical nightmare.  After considerable research we came across salt halotherapy and decided to give it a try.  The results were amazing!  More importantly, his symptoms stayed under control much longer, without the need for over the counter drugs.  We decided the whole family would do it and found an added benefit was the incredible calming/relaxing effect it had.

We are excited to share the benefits that Salt halotherapy has to offer with Charlotte!  Our mission is to serve the whole community by providing long lasting health, wellness, and athletic benefits to everyone who walks through our doors.   So come on in, bring your family, and relax in our wonderful Salt Pad!