Halotherapy: From it’s beginnings to now.

What is Halo (Salt) Therapy and where does it come from? Halotherapy (Halo, the Greek word for salt) first came to light in the mid-1800s when, Felix Bochkovsky, a Doctor and health official in Poland made the observation that salt mine workers rarely suffered from colds, respiratory ailments or lung diseases. Bochkovsky keenly observed workers Read More

Flu Prevention, follow these steps: Naturally!

What are you doing to prevent the Flu? The best way to prevent the Flu is to have a strong, healthy immune system. Here are several ways to boost your immune system: 1. SALT THERAPY!!! Dry Salt Therapy naturally detoxifies the lungs, thins mucous in the sinuses and lung tissue. Salt is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial Read More